About this Material Culture Blog

This blog is about objects. More specifically, from 2010-2017, it was an outlet for my reflections on antiquing and material culture (anything made or modified by people) more generally. After purchasing this tea bowl and saucer at my first tag sale, I decided to write regularly about antiquing, something I have pursued since I was about six years old. I grew-up buying old stuff and visiting museums; these activities inspired my career as a public and academic historian of material life.

Writing this blog was fun. It provided me with an opportunity to think about how my daily interactions with the material world enrich my scholarly understanding of what objects are made of, how they have changed over time, and what they mean. Most importantly, writing this blog provided me with an opportunity to share these insights with a broad audience.

Even though I no longer post here, I do still blog at my professional web site. Follow me there, where I will continue to write about objects, museums, and more. I haven't left. I just moved!